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Bonacieux was cowardly and avaricious, but he loved his wife.
Then, she took an impatient walk to the other end of the room and back, and said, 'I wish Pa was here to have a talk about an avaricious marriage; but he is better away, poor dear, for I know I should pull his hair if he WAS here.
He called the animals his cousins, and reminded them that his protecting influence was the reason they remained unharmed, while many avaricious traders were prompting the Indians to take their lives.
He had grown very avaricious in his old age, and used to go off stealthily to hunt for non-existent and impossible gold among those perilous peaks and precipices.
No silver will I give thee, unless I were to pour it molten down thy avaricious throat no, not a silver penny will I give thee, Nazarene, were it to save thee from the deep damnation thy whole life has merited
Not content with having nigh-on PS40,000 stashed away in undeclared accounts, this woman decided to become avaricious by fiddling PS27,142.
The noble Prince Arjuna is aware that his dharma, or purpose in life, is to combat the avaricious and cruel king Duryodhana.
Moving my cash over bank's ludicrous changes THE British banking system is not exactly flavour of the month or, for that matter, the past few years what with the monumental mismanagement and the avaricious greed inherent.
Something is deeply wrong when customers suffer higher stamp prices and grafters are shown the door to fund perpetual windfalls for avaricious owners.
An ambitious Air Force commandant, oil-rich Saudis, fearful Israelis, CIA operatives and an Egyptian government, corrupt and avaricious from top to bottom, together fuel the rage and deceit that eventually became the Arab Spring.
The avaricious Professor Parks and a worried James follow Merry, and the outcome threatens to alter history.
Indeed, wind generators and wind farms are simply a subterfuge for transferring money from all of us (via our power bills) to the pockets of the wind industry, avaricious landowners, and the technically, engineering and environmentally misguided.