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Once a month, a brown package arrives by recorded delivery and I open it avariciously in the hope that a bunch of minimum-wage drones thousands of miles away will keep me in moderately paid work for another few weeks.
This was soon followed by the long awaited policy on the reconstruction of Iraq, which was to be the prized bonanza many firms in the US and its allies were avariciously awaiting for.
So it was not a case of the Nationwide League avariciously accepting an unrealistic deal.
That a New York Stock Exchange company serving the most densely populated state in the nation -- including some of the region's largest cities like Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport -- would try to wriggle through a loophole in the law clearly carved out for small, `Mom and Pop' telephone companies is a signal of how avariciously SNET is protecting its monopoly by blocking the development of effective resale competition," said David Jefferson, AT&T regional vice president.