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He told the crowd that he had not seen such a large gathering in the history of Sheikhupura and thanked them for according a disqualified prime minister such a warm welcome, asking whether they would avenge the insult of their mandate [by the Supreme Court's Panama Papers bench] in the elections.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan], December 16 (ANI): The 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind, Hafiz Saeed, wants to "liberate" Kashmir to avenge the defeat of Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, which led to the creation of Bangladesh.
Seeking khula was a legal right of the victim, but the appellant killed her to take avenge for such demand,' observed the apex court's three-judge bench, headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, while rejecting the appeal.
Virginia, US-based aviation logistics company MAG Aerospace has acquired Virginia-based aerospace company Avenge, Inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 14, 2017-MAG Aerospace Enhances Manned ISR Operations with Acquisition of Avenge
Police said here Sunday that two rival groups of Kharal and Chohan clan exchanged fire indiscriminately to avenge the old enmity in Mauza Jhamra in the area of Kur police station.
The overriding instinct of the warrior Maranaw, descendants of Datu Amai Pakpak who died shaheed fighting two wars against Spanish conquistadores, is to avenge the destruction of their beloved city.
And just like the Reds avenged their Capital One Cup final defeat by City with a comprehensive crushing at Anfield last week, Mathews aims to avenge a three round Prize Fighter defeat by Flanagan backin 2012.
In the video recording, a man in military uniform promises to avenge the ISIS members who died in the fighting.
If you want to fight, and you want to avenge the loss or attempt to avenge the loss that you say you so desperately want to avenge, you need to pick up the phone, we need to try to figure it out.
An incredible final quarter though, with stunning performances at both ends of the court, saw Central avenge entral avenge the 2013 final defeat, winning the 2013 final defeat, winning 50-29.
Somali organization asserted that, senior members and assured to avenge the death of Godane, its new leader was unanimously chosen