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The innkeeper replied to him with equal calmness, "Sir Knight, I do not want your worship to avenge me of any wrong, because when any is done me I can take what vengeance seems good to me; the only thing I want is that you pay me the score that you have run up in the inn last night, as well for the straw and barley for your two beasts, as for supper and beds."
(And had he not been frustrate in the hope Of issue, common children of one womb Had forced a closer bond twixt him and me, But Fate swooped down upon him), therefore I His blood-avenger will maintain his cause As though he were my sire, and leave no stone Unturned to track the assassin or avenge The son of Labdacus, of Polydore, Of Cadmus, and Agenor first of the race.
"I will put another case to you," continued the count; "that where society, attacked by the death of a person, avenges death by death.
When I am insulted I do not faint; I avenge myself!"
"Well, perhaps you will avenge the dark women in your own person, and carry away all the love from your cousin Lucy.
A man gunned down his father: in: law to avenge torture on him here on Saturday, police said.According to police, wife of Irfan, resident of Bhalwal city, was staying with her parents due to differences with husband.Irfan visited the house of in: laws to take his wife back to home but his in: laws instead of sending the woman with her husband brutally tortured him and threw him out of the house.
Amir Khan promises to avenge Pakistan cricket team by knocking out Indian opponent
Khan, also wants to avenge for Pakistan's loss to India in his next boxing bout against Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 21 (ANI): As many as four key madrasas in Hyderabad city organisedEea protest against Pulwama terror attack on Wednesday and demanded that the government should avenge the same.
A match with Johnson is also a chance for Moraes to avenge the loss of his friend Kyoji Horiguchi.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army vowed to avenge the death of over 20 soldiers that were the victims of the terrorists' attack on the government forces' positions near al-Ghaab Plain.
London: India will look to avenge the pool stage loss when they face Ireland in the quarter-final of the women's hockey World Cup at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on Thursday.