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According to M Shadows the new record is as pure as you can get - simply because Avenged Sevenfold choose not to listen to the hype.
Avenged Sevenfold has established themselves as one of the biggest rock and roll acts in the world, and this will mark the first time ever the band has performed in the UAE.
ANY SERIOUS MEDITATION ON VENGEANCE must come to grips with the meaning of the cross, as any serious meditation on the cross must confront our passion to be avenged.
Then she avenged a group defeat to Kingshurst's Sarah Riach to secure a third successive victory in the final.
The second son of Orin, Vali avenged the death of Balder by using an arrow to kill his blind murderer, Hoder.
A SENIOR Republican yesterday vowed the horror execution of CIRA boss Liam Kenny will be avenged.
We have avenged the death of leaders and Ulema who have been killed at the behest of infidels.
Playing a relatively short set, headliners California's hardest metalcore band Avenged Sevenfold wasted no time in blasting out the classics.