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To specifically allege certain facts or claims in a Pleading.

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to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT.
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Jim Kelsey, senior vice president, Corporate Finance Division, Personal and Commercial Banking Canada, BMO Bank of Montreal, said, 'This acquisition will combine Aver Media's notable industry presence, deep-rooted industry knowledge and relationships with key industry players, with BMO's commercial presence and expertise.
Beef-type cows aver. 67.3p/pkg top 82p/pkg Dairy Type Cows aver.
"It's fundamental that people understand that companies that sell breast cancer treatment drugs and own cancer treatment centers also sell pesticides that contribute to breast cancer," Aver said.
"People joke about `Internet time,'" Aver says, alluding to the sense of urgency pervading the culture of Web start-ups.
For example, Greenstein is right when he sees the bureaucracy as available for presidents "to use, to abuse, or lose control aver discretionary policy making."
Harmonic Inc (Nasdaq:HLIT), a provider of video delivery infrastructure, announced on Tuesday that Carolyn Aver, chief financial officer, is leaving the company.
AVER (www.aver.us) the national LGBT Veterans' service organization founded in 1990, is dedicated to serving the needs of LGBT and all veterans and service members, and advocating for full and equal treatment and benefits.
THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword was Peter Bowden of Stockport, Cheshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS: BUFF TYPE HEW OPAL WARD EVA NONE IMAGINED ANGELS MET CITES CELT FIREMEN HAIR ACE PRATE ROE KEIR CAYENNE EDDY STIRS AMY LETOFF SCENARIO AVER FUN LIAR TATA ADD TANS ELAN WEE THINKER Across: 1 Gobi; 4 Coins; 7 Scene; 8 Legal; 9 Realm; 10 Functional; 14 Sorbet; 16 Endear; 17 Tablespoon; 22 Glass; 23 Forge; 25 Eagle; 26 Stand; 27 Over.
Final year BTEC national diploma student Klaire Aver, aged 33, was one of the designers tasked with bringing the shop - called Carpe Diem Boutique - to life.
Aver as CFO(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
114 Blks aver. 119.4p p/kg + 6.2p top 146p Mains of Glasshaugh
You should be sighting aver your hand to the base of the tree and, without moving anything hut your eye, sighting over the top of the stick to the top of the tree.