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Even if all evidence points to another season of abject averageness.
It is averagely compelling (I finished it), involves an average amount of concentration and, if such a thing makes sense, is averagely well written: excellent in its averageness!".
So how can you best address this averageness to help move your own bell curve?
Bashour [10] found that there are four most important cues determining attractiveness: averageness, sexual dimorphism, youthfulness, and symmetry.
Perceived health contributes to the attractiveness of facial symmetry, averageness, and sexual dimorphism.
Dissociating averageness and attractiveness: Attractive faces are not always average.
"What you get with young guys is some days absolute brilliance, and other days a bit of averageness," added Broad.
Here a special role is played by the stoic idea of aurea mediocritas (golden mean, or golden mediocrity) that marked a model existence in the gentry mansion, far from urban spaces and in accordance with nature and its rythm, under the shield of "averageness" (otium).
Elsewhere, Heidegger notes that 'the everyday undifferentiated character of Dasein' is named as 'averageness [Durchschnittlichkeit]' (SZ 43) and that 'this care of averageness reveals in turn an essential tendency of Dasein which we call the levelling down [Einebnung1] of all possibilities of Dasein' (SZ 127).
The results of these investigations suggest that physically attractive faces tend to possess symmetry and averageness (i.e., they have a configuration that is close to the average configuration of a population of faces), as well as a youthful appearance and certain nonaverage sexually dimorphic characteristics (Baudouin & Tiberghien, 2004; Fink & Penton-Voak, 2002; Hume & Montgomerie, 2001; Jones & Hill, 1993; Thornhill & Gangestad, 1999).
Another rule is averageness. That may seem contradictory, but we like to choose things that are familiar to us," he told The Los Angeles Times.
"One unfinished ad could throw us into these paroxysms of self-doubt and intimations of averageness." There's an obvious echo of Wordsworth's "mortality"; successful ad campaigns raise the status of those involved above that of their coworkers, and make life worthwhile.