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It added that the court was seeking the information only to satisfy itself, without considering the averments made in the petitions.
The Third Circuit concluded that the District Court did not misapply the sham affidavit doctrine when it struck several averments from Mr.
(244) Although the court did not establish any bright-line rule about how well supported a consent decree must be, it stated that district courts should generally be satisfied by the averments of the SEC, and that here the district court had a "sufficient" record on which to approve the consent decree.
With regard to the allegations against the Sundar Raman, the apex court said: "It cannot go unprobed and directed its newlyappointed committee to further investigate the averments against him, saying truth must be brought to light".
He made two other interesting averments. One relates to State violence and the other judicial system in Sri Lanka.
In consequence, the Duke's averments on this point should be treated as admitted.
The affidavit has been filed in compliance of the order of the apex court which had on September 8 directed him to respond to the averments made against him, holding that they were 'serious' in nature.
The respondent dissatisfied with the reply and the averments made before him passed the Impugned Order and imposed penalty of Rs.50 thousand on the appellant under section 157(1) of the Ordinance for violation of section6(10) of the Ordinance.
Providing knowledge that the issue exists, not precisely how the issue is implicated under the facts of a given case, is the purpose of requiring averments of affirmative defenses.
into "conclusory" averments that should be disregarded and