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To specifically allege certain facts or claims in a Pleading.

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to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT.
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Being of an eccentric and melancholy turn of mind, and greatly given to rummaging old records and hearkening to old traditions, he had brought himself, it is averred, to the conclusion that Matthew Maule, the wizard, had been foully wronged out of his homestead, if not out of his life.
In his witness statement, he averred that the successive kings did not use the said building as a palace, a statement that clearly contradicts the plaintiff's claims.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 21 (ANI): National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) President Raninder Singh on Thursday averred that stopping the visa process of Pakistan shooters for the Shooting World Cup is not in their hands.
Beside, Ogboru averred that his government will create new business opportunities to create wealth for Deltans.
'Our enemies are shrewd enough and are attempting to mislead the people, but their nefarious designs have been frustrated by the security forces,' averred the chief minister.
"It is averred the interview was obtained unfairly and is therefore inadmissable in evidence."
Counsel for First Respondent President Rajapaksa, President's Counsel D S Wijesinghe, raising preliminary objects earlier averred that several fatal defects were contained in the Petition.
He asserted the open lines of communication between Fatah and the Lebanese Army, thus, rebuffing any accusations of Palestinian Camps harboring or producing terrorists.<p>Krayim averred that Palestinian camps in the South had absolutely nothing to do with the launching of missiles, which happened a while back, attacking Israel.
Perhaps it was the same person to whom I averred, with a seriousness that makes me blush now, that he was, after all, the Schubert of his generation.
Writing of his own dolls, Bellmer averred: "The anagram is the key to all my work." It followed that "the body is like a sentence that invites us to rearrange it." In Compulsive Beauty, Hal Foster suggests that Bellmer's shifting of desire thus "doubles back, turns in, as if to capture the object, to make, unmake, and remake its image again and again." At the risk of adding yet another source to Tyson's ever-spiraling constellation, this sure seems apt.
Thus, the Court declared in Boston Stock Exchange that the Commerce Clause "does not prevent the States from structuring their tax systems to encourage the growth and development of intrastate commerce and industry." (42) In Westinghouse, the Court averred that "[w]e do not hold that a State may not compete with other States for a share of interstate commerce; such competition lies at the heart of a free trade policy," (43) and elaborated in Bacchus that "[a] State may enact laws pursuant to its police powers that have the purpose and effect of encouraging domestic industry." (44) And in New Energy, the Court confirmed that the Commerce Clause "does not prohibit all state action designed to give its residents an advantage in the marketplace." (45)
We will discredit the terrorists, he averred, by planting "a vibrant, successful democracy at the heart of the Middle East."