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To specifically allege certain facts or claims in a Pleading.

See: adduce, affirm, allege, annunciate, assert, assure, attest, avouch, avow, bear, certify, claim, communicate, contend, convey, corroborate, declare, depose, enunciate, express, maintain, observe, posit, profess, promise, propound, remark, speak, swear, testify, utter, vouch, vow


to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT.
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The linguistic hair-splitting continues with a statement in the reply brief, whinging that TEI erred in suggesting that revenue rulings are not "officially" published and then averring that such rulings are "formally" published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin.
The Blue Book explains that distribution expenses are not subject to capitalization averring that --