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To specifically allege certain facts or claims in a Pleading.

See: adduce, affirm, allege, annunciate, assert, assure, attest, avouch, avow, bear, certify, claim, communicate, contend, convey, corroborate, declare, depose, enunciate, express, maintain, observe, posit, profess, promise, propound, remark, speak, swear, testify, utter, vouch, vow


to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT.
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Rick Avers has built and led some of the most successful business development teams in the litigation support space over the past twenty-nine years.
AVERS international money transfer system makes it possible for the bank to make money transfers to
Deputy CEO of Arshininvestbank Karapet Gevorgyan believes that AVERS is a chance for the bank's customers to transfer
She was predeceased by her brothers, Lenny and Teddy Avers, and by her sister, Florence Solomon.
The mystery of painting," he avers, "lies in the fact that a tiny brushstroke tears up the veil of the ordinary and brings to light a new world whose mysteries cannot be solved by mathematicians' statistics.
Cheap, easy to make and instantly addictive, crystal meth is burning a hole through rural America," avers the story's subtitle.
from Claude Paradin's Devises Heroiques, he avers that the motto, taken from Romans 8, was appropriated by the Calvinist Van Meteren to distill the doctrine of faith in Christ, invoked as well by the Catholic Ortelius, whose impresa includes the motto, "Folly on God's Behalf," an Erasmian sanction of the imitation of Christ.
From Andrew Sullivan to Christina "I am not a feminist, but I make my money attacking them" Hoff Summers to scientists who theorize rape as evolutionary adaptation, the new wave avers that it is men who are the ones stigmatized, not women.
However, another argument, recently published, avers that photinos living in the center of the sun could not be responsible for lessening the neutrino flux.
AVERS (Ukraine) and COINSTAR MONEY TRANSFER (UK) international money transfer systems.
It is likely true, as he avers, that discursive change influenced agrarian innovation rather than simply reflecting it.