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To specifically allege certain facts or claims in a Pleading.

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to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT.
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"The democratic tariff policy of the AVERS system, the constant expansion of the money transfer network, as well as the short
(13) The TAM avers that "the condition necessitating the expenditure was the original condition of the property when the taxpayer acquired it." The TAM concludes from this that the "removal costs increased the value, use and capacity of the taxpayer's facility as compared to its original asbestos-containing condition." The TAM's logic is defective because if one cannot measure the original value of the property without the asbestos, one also cannot conclude that a repair to the property materially increased the property's value.
Fitch views Avers' asset quality as a rating strength given the bank's low-risk balance sheet represented mostly by highly rated bank placements and securities investments (84% of end-1H18 total assets).
Muraguri avers that the LSK move "is a demonstration of bad faith on their part as they have been at the forefront of demanding reforms in the land sector."
AVERS international money transfer system makes it possible for the bank to make money transfers to
Instead of exploding the symbolic power of brand imagery, Lasn hopes to substitute the "nuclear glow" of his own anti-logo, but this "glow," he avers, will be rooted in sincerely held beliefs and values rather than the "cynical mindfucks" of corporate marketers.
In his overall summary, Giesselmann avers that the causes of protest were always complex, and that his historical data cannot be fitted into the mold of a "social-scientific causal model." (p.
So I don't think it compares to what Jackie Robinson did because of what he achieved and how far he went to achieve it," he avers. "The Master's was a one-shot deal, but he had to deal with bigotry on a constant basis."
The preamble later avers that "[t]he proposed regulation primarily will affect a relatively small number of abusive large partnership transactions...."(8)
Such a gyroscope, Buffington avers, is accurate enough not to be fooled by spurious torques.