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To specifically allege certain facts or claims in a Pleading.

See: adduce, affirm, allege, annunciate, assert, assure, attest, avouch, avow, bear, certify, claim, communicate, contend, convey, corroborate, declare, depose, enunciate, express, maintain, observe, posit, profess, promise, propound, remark, speak, swear, testify, utter, vouch, vow


to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT.
References in classic literature ?
And yet, I aver it, and I aver it again, I was unafraid.
Hebrews 6:4-6 avers that it is impossible for apostates to repent and return to the church.
Cheney also avers that she's done campaigning: "Since Dad's made it very clear that he won't be running for office again, the 2004 presidential campaign was my last campaign as well.
A gender-neutral domestic partner benefit, available to gay and heterosexual couples alike, Brinkman avers, "would be fine.
Now from the man who avers that "fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight" comes Edition 7L, a four-year-old imprint of the Steidl publishing house, named after Lagerfeld's bookstore in Paris ("Seven is my favorite number," he explains.
If critics argue that the New Urbanism 's iconic projects arc mostly located on greenfields and do not remedy urban sprawl, well the New Urbanists are able to do other things as well, he avers.
Noble avers that the religion of technology rests on extravagant hopes and visions that technology can never fulfill.
Most recently, she avers, too many historians have ignored the cautiousness of Linda Kerber's analysis of Republican Motherhood and celebrated it as an advancement for post-Revolutionary women.
It is likely true, as he avers, that discursive change influenced agrarian innovation rather than simply reflecting it.
So I don't think it compares to what Jackie Robinson did because of what he achieved and how far he went to achieve it," he avers.
The preamble later avers that "[t]he proposed regulation primarily will affect a relatively small number of abusive large partnership transactions.
Some of these detectors were not looking then, he avers.