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In 1988, Linford Christie supplied a positive sample in the Seoul Olympics but was not banned because it was believed that it had been aversely affected by his guzzling of ginseng tea.
If rewards undermine intrinsic interest, then during the 1995-1996 school year, the reading habits of over 22 million children were aversely affected.
Ultimately, the lack of support Saturday night did not aversely affect Davenport, as she required only one hour to beat Seles 6-4, 6-2 in the semifinals of the Acura Classic at Manhattan Country Club.
A national sales tax would also lift the burden of income tax compliance on our families, but it could aversely impact state revenues, which are highly dependent on sales taxes.
But he added: "I am concerned that the company should not be aversely affected in any way by my recent involvement with Marconi.
The electromagnetic fields aversely react with most catheters in such a way that they cannot be effectively used or even add additional risk for the patient.
Our financing joint venture, and its ability to finance retail sales, is dependent upon funding provided by Rabobank, and any difficulty on Rabobank's part to provide that funding would aversely impact sales.
The survey showed that accelerating speed of delivery does not have to aversely affect quality or positive business results.
Consultant utilization improved each month during the quarter, however, delays in the start of customer projects continued to aversely affect overall utilization.