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The directive offers EU member states the ability to acquire people with high expertise in specific sectors," said Lamaris, adding that strict conditions would be included in the law to ensure local scientists weren't aversely affected.
Lastly, the PAM may be a better option for use in obese people, since in our study the accuracy of step count and ambulation distance with this device was not aversely affected in this subgroup.
One of the obvious consequences of this autonomy has been the impression of an ongoing commentary on the fragility of ecosystems, which, as experience has tragically demonstrated, can be aversely affected by the introduction of alien elements.
Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business" is a guide to making a successful product by building a strategy along with the product to make the corporation work with the product instead of aversely like many products start their lifespans on.
However, he insists this latest misfortune has not aversely affected his plans.
One owner of an Erbil restaurant where gus is served said his restaurant was fined and punished, and when people found out it aversely affected his business.
The ban may be in its infancy, but Marriott has long-term evidence that it won't aversely affect sales from one of the company's flagship 'next generation' stores on Dublin's Merrion Road.