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1] is nothing, but the relative risk averseness of the consumer for good i (with i = 1, 2), which again is a unit-free measure of the curvature of the utility function in good i for given levels of good j.
You can do this through the purchase of an index fund (considered a passive investment) or an exchange-traded fund like the Standard & Poor's Depository Receipts or SPDR (NYSEArca: SPY), or the Diamonds Trust, Series 1 (NYSEArca: DIA); or through investment in an actively managed mutual fund that satisfies the risk/return characteristics fitting your individual investment goals and risk averseness.
These characteristics are important because they may directly affect a firm's management style, risk averseness, and corporate behavior.
Such a reading thus entails a potential paradox: in describing a body of writing supposedly defined by its averseness to a binary logic (as Muldoon does in To Ireland, I), one may end up rhetorically foregrounding (and therefore enhancing) the inner consistency and specificity of that body.
The consensus among group members, ranked in order of importance was as follows: importance of the entrepreneur in regards to passion, persistence, risk averseness and leadership qualities; the importance of a well rounded management team which would help make up for or enhance any of the qualities that the entrepreneur lacked; prior experience in a successful venture; and relevant alliances within the industry
This Puritan averseness to the physical, the sensuous, the dispersive, the 'natural' in all its degrees and kinds, develops and involves an objectively wider intolerance than do any of the historic, institutional creeds.
One of the things that I'm constantly amazed by often times is the risk averseness of the nonprofit community, from a business perspective.
What worries me just as much as the risk averseness is the meritocratic class's lack of interest in public service.
These circumstances lower risk averseness, reduce yield variability by supplemental irrigation, make the use of fertilizer more viable, and enhance the incentive to produce high value crops.