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Existing methods measure risk aversion very imprecisely.
People are simply loss averse and that loss aversion dates back to the time of the cavemen when every day was a matter of survival.
More than likely, the leaning will be towards loss aversion.
Animal health company, Zoetis (NYSE:ZTS) reported on Monday the launch of SILEO (dexmedetomidine oromucosal gel), the first and only medication approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of noise aversion in dogs that experience fear and anxiety due to loud fireworks, thunder and construction work.
La interrogante central es determinar si las variables latentes o constructos (aquellas que no se observan directamente, sino que son inferidas a partir de otras variables que si se observan): autoeficacia, el control interno y la aversion al riesgo, explican la IE.
The aim of this research was to establish whether LiCl could be used to induce a conditioned aversion in calves to recently harvested leaves of Solanum bonariense.
The financial markets were shaken by extreme levels of volatility during trading on Tuesday following the attacks in Brussels which renewed a wave of risk aversion that encouraged anxious investors to flee from riskier assets.
The scientific evidence on aging and risk aversion is mixed.
The level of risk aversion is important in understanding and predicting the human behavior.
Although there is a vast literature on measuring risk aversion, estimates of the coefficient of relative risk aversion vary widely--from as low as 0.
Even before she steps through the door Billie has an aversion to the house, an aversion which only intensifies when strange and unsettling things (that only she seems to see) happen strange noises, ceiling lights swinging for no reason and children's handprints appearing around the house--and the town residents seem to be hiding something about the house from her.
The Rouble has been pressured for months by falling oil prices, dollar strength and broad risk aversion to Russian assets due to Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.