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Aversion therapy relies almost exclusively on behavioral principles of conditioning.
This was a condition from which I suffered for many years, chronically and painfully, but one I managed to conquer through a mixture of shock treatment and aversion therapy.
Certainly there's an ugly history of quackery and mistreatment--one theory of homosexuality was that gay men's nerves were misrouted from the penis to the anus and "treatments" have included lobotomy, castration, electroshock, and aversion therapy.
Behavioral aversion therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, and drugs that inhibit androgens are all in use, with no substantial body of hard evidence on efficacy.
A survey of 31 men treated in the UK between 1960 and 1970 with behavioural aversion therapy, including the use of electric shock, showed an unsurprising lack of success.
If none of these measures work, then aversion therapy may be the only solution.
Although misguided and damaging efforts to "cure" transgender children still occur, transgender elders are more likely than younger transgender people to have experienced the most extreme forms of psychiatric abuse earlier in their lives, such as electroshock therapy, forced drugging, and aversion therapy.
Olfactory aversion therapy for homosexual behavior.
The latter is designed to negatively reinforce a pedophile's fantasies about children by pairing them with frightening scenes or foul smells in something called aversion therapy.
Aversion therapy, or using unpleasant odors, doesn't work because people avoid sniffing them.
This aversion therapy will grab your attention, if nothing else.