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Behavioral interventions, including community reinforcement, behavioral contracting, behavioral marital therapy, skills training, chemical aversion therapy, covert sensitization, and self-control training, also ranked in the top 20 of all treatment modalities (Miller and Wilbourne 2002).
Preliminary report on a new aversion therapy for male homosexuals.
Nick, 68, is now a volunteer for Crisis Counselling in Erskine and encourages others to seek proper help if they're experiencing relationship problems - rather than the drastic route he took of aversion therapy, which left him emotionally scarred.
my rapy You could, but the food aversion therapy bills would far outweigh any short-term nutritional value.
Filled with anecdotes about meeting and working with showbiz idols including Shirley Bassey as well as assessing some of his near-legendary adventures in couture ("If you think standing in front of a miserable, heckling crowd is bad, try doing it in gold knickerbockers and a matching waistcoat - you have to believe in what you're doing," he muses), the book deals with more traumatic episodes that have had a profound effect on the DJ's life, including the death of his mother, and the aversion therapy he had in an attempt to "cure" his homosexuality, which he admits is still hard for him to talk about.
and aversion therapy is one way of tackling addiction.
But I think the fireworks will only annoy the birds unless they are done in an attempt to have some sort of aversion therapy for when the birds are released into the wild so that they steer clear.
Some brutal methods for curing us in vogue at one time included incarceration in mental hospitals, lobotomies, and aversion therapy.
Neuro-linguistic practitioner Lawrence Leyton attempts to help 40 members of the public overcome their phobia of flying, using techniques such as hypnosis and aversion therapy.
Then I would have put him through an intensive course of aversion therapy, followed by a further four years clearing landmines in Afghanistan.
For the last six decades, people have tried to change sexual orientation with aversion therapy, psychotherapy, electric shock, and biochemical manipulation, to name just a few," he says.
You could try a spot of aversion therapy - hide yourself away with a water pistol and squirt him when he starts to show signs of aggression.