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Reinstatement of fear responses in human aversive conditioning.
Classical-classical transfer: Effects of prior aversive conditioning upon appetitive conditioning in rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus).
In one typical aversive conditioning study, Feldman and MacCulloch (1971) administered electric shocks to a group of male homosexuals during the final 0.
Fish and Wildlife Service with monitoring gray wolves that settle the public/private land interface in the northwest corner of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and developing aversive conditioning techniques to reduce livestock depredations.
Diminished producer participation in an aversive conditioning program to reduce coyote depredation on sheep.
Later, while working in Yellowstone National Park, Hunt yearned for an aversive conditioning tool that could reach beyond the 25-yard range of rubber bullets.
is not affirmative and progressive movement toward civility and social consideration; rather civility is unveiled as the product and precipitate of harsh, aversive conditioning in which male subjects cultivate anxieties about the very bodies they inhabit" (7).
But aversive conditioning does not seem to deprive someone possessing that power of the power he has.
For their part, rangers at Glacier will first monitor the bear and then engage in aversive conditioning, which includes a range of negative stimuli--from noise (air horns, sirens, and cracker shells) to projectiles (firing inch-long rubber bullets, which do no lasting damage, at the animal).