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The researchers used two techniques to estimate maternal deaths averted by contraceptive use: counterfactual modeling and linear regression.
As the family was in the kitchen they made a safe exit and a major tragedy was averted.
The threat of industrial action comes just weeks after Aer Lingus narrowly averted a strike by pilots.
KING ABDULLAH of Saudi Arabia has accused Britain of failing to act on information passed on by the Saudis which might have averted the 2005 London bombings.
1) According to one analysis, more than 65 million Americans a year would be tested under this approach, 56,940 individuals with undiagnosed HIV infection would be reached and 3,644 transmissions and infections would be averted; the cost per transmission or infection averted would come to about $237,000.
THE pilot of a Birmingham-bound plane averted a "major disaster" after an engine caught fire on take-off at Islamabad airport in Pakistan.
But the West, and NATO in particular, according to the same columnist, failed to understand three things: neither the Serbs nor the Albanians are interested in multiculturalism; the Muslim world is not appeased; and the humanitarian disaster has not been averted.
This cost compares favorably with the cost per HIV infection averted through improvement of blood safety (range U.
War is averted through pressure from the international community.
The institute estimates that 51,000 abortions were averted in 2000 through women's use of emergency contraception (EC).
In 2000 alone, AGI estimates that EC averted as many as 51,000 abortions; 47,000 more than in 1994, when only 4,000 abortions were averted through EC.