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The measures aim at averting inconvenience to citizens, particularly duringRamadan's high temperatures.
AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS charity based in the UK, with the aim of AVERTing HIV and AIDS worldwide.
Controller Laura Chick said the city has done a poor job of managing and averting potential lawsuits, and her office plans to evaluate how the city manages its legal risks.
As New York City recovers from a triple-digit heat emergency and braces for the next, Consumer-Powerline, which helps companies manage their energy use more efficiently, said that a recently released Con-Ed report to the Mayor on the crisis provides confirmation showing that Emergency Demand Response programs helped save the city from an expansion of the blackout that crippled western Queens for more than a week, while also affecting Westchester County and other parts of the Tri-State area and could hold the key to averting blackouts in the future.
The charred wreckage of homes incinerated by wildfires in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and elsewhere provides a compelling backdrop for investigating how homeowners living in wildland-urban interface (WUI) zones simultaneously allocate resources between insurance and averting activities in the face of catastrophic wildfire risk.
He also compliments the PBGC, saying "For my money, they've done a very good job of averting problems.
If all the costs of subtyping (including subtyping for other organisms) were included in the analysis, the system would recover its costs after averting 6.
Thus, any sue-and-labor expenses paid by the insured must have been incurred with a view to averting or minimizing an "actual or imminent" loss for which the underwriters would have been liable under the policy.
Today's talks represent the last chance of averting a major health crisis.
The doctors, who were working at least as hard on news containment as they were on biocontainment, were considerably less sanguine about the Prospects of averting a deadly epidemic than they let on.
Local 234 of the Transport Workers Union issued a statement today to SEPTA riders in hopes of averting a region-wide transit strike.
athenahealth assisted medical providers in Massachusetts in averting more than $98.