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Dr Ghulam Kadir Shaikh, Programme Director, Aviation/ Occupation Medicine, DUHS, in a brief overview of Diploma in Aviation Medicine said it is a branch of occupational medicine which deals with the health and well-being of personal associated with aviation industry and passengers travelling by air.
Explaining the reasons for the overhaul, Dr Lesego Bogatsu, Senior Manager for Aviation Medicine at the CAA, said insufficient specialists available to adjudicate cases plus the redeployment of military doctors meant verification backlogs had built up.
Xufeng Liu, Department of Psychology, School of Aviation Medicine, Fourth Military Medical University, 169# Chengle West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province 710032, People's Republic of China.
Kaye was integral to the setting up of our newest fleet of four King Air aircraft, using her expertise in aviation medicine and vast knowledge of aeromedical operations.
Someone who understands the problems well is Mike Bagshaw,head of occupational and aviation medicine at British Airways.
Someone who understands the problems of jet lag well is Mike Bagshaw, head of occupational and aviation medicine at British Airways.
Washington, DC: Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Aviation Medicine.
Our doctors take courses in aviation medicine to become compliant with such issues as pressurisation of cabins and how that affects patients and their physiology;" he says.
Jennings, who now directs the aviation medicine center at the University of Texas, Galveston.
There is also an "expert forums" section manned by real people covering topics such as GPS, Maintenance, Aviation Medicine and Law, and Aerobatics and Soaring.
The biggest problem for Andy would have been vibration," says Squadron Leader Nick Green of the School of Aviation Medicine at Farnborough, "which makes it difficult to focus on the instruments.

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