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Highlighting importance of the discipline of aviation medicine as an emerging field of medical sciences, he suggested aviation medicine module to be introduced in MBBS courses, at undergraduate level, so as to keep pace with the contemporary requirement in medical sciences.
(4) Wojskowy Instytut Medycyny Lotniczej / Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, Warszawa, Poland Zaklad Bezpieczenstwa Lotow / Department of Flight Safety
David Powell, an aviation medicine specialist in New Zealand, said there were only 10 air crashes involving medical issues in an ICAO study of 20 years of global incidents.
Alcohol-induced physiological displacements and their effects on flight-related functions Washington, DC: FAA Office of Aviation Medicine; 1982.
As our two air forces begin to renew and regularize engagements in the areas of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, USAF/PLAAF participation under the Military Maritime Consultative Agreement, flight safety, aviation medicine, and student exchanges between our educational institutions, both sides agreed that we must do more to foster understanding.
Ernsting's Aviation Medicine, 4th Edition New York: Edward Arnold Ltd; 2006.
Dr Rob Ray, an anaesthetist and qualified commercial pilot trained in aviation medicine, is today addressing an gathering of medics in Australia on what to expect when responding to in-flight emergencies.
These pilots will be declared " fit for flying" after clearing medical tests at Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi, and Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bangalore.
The test was performed in the altitude and climate chamber of the German Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine in Koenigsbrueck, Germany (134 m).
In order to insure that physicians are prepared for these tasks, formal recognition should be given to the specialty of Combat Medicine just as for Aviation Medicine and Preventive Medicine," added Winkler.
Air Force School of Aviation Medicine, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, and internationally known authority on zero-g research, told SCIENCE SERVICE.
Along and distinguished legacy of aeromedical research in the "Cradle of Naval Aviation" began when the Navy established its first aviation medicine research unit at NAS Pensacola in 1939.

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