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It was not until the year 1766, that the trade regained its old channels; but it was then pursued with much avidity and emulation by individual merchants, and soon transcended its former bounds.
I wish he could have witnessed the horrible avidity with which Oliver tore the bits asunder with all the ferocity of famine.
Numberless recent massacres were still vivid in their recollections; nor was there any ear in the provinces so deaf as not to have drunk in with avidity the narrative of some fearful tale of midnight murder, in which the natives of the forests were the principal and barbarous actors.
They were not simple, vulgar, unmeaning ornaments, such as the uncultivated seize upon with avidity on account of their florid appearance, but well devised drawings, that were replete with taste and thought, and afforded some apology for the otherwise senseless luxury contemplated, by aiding in refining the imagination, and cultivating the intellect.
immunoenzyme test system for detection of antibodies of igg class to herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 in serum and human blood plasma, immunoenzyme test system for determining the avidity index of antibodies of igg class to herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 in serum and human blood plasma, immunoenzyme test system for detection of igg class antibodies to the early antigen (ea) of the epstein-barr virus in human serum and plasma, immunoenzyme test system for detection of igm class antibodies to cytomegalovirus in serum and human blood plasma
PERPETRATORSIt is a tacit admission that the continent has been bogged down by monumental corruption, and a call to arms to wage war on the destructive vice that has for too long been gnawing at the roots of Africa's development agenda with great avidity.
sup][2] FDG avidity of NSCLC and ERCC1 and ribonucleotide reductase subunit M1 (RRM1) levels have not been as extensively investigated.
Of the cytomegalovirus immunoglobulinM-positive women, sera of 40(80%) had immunoglobulinG avidity >50%.
SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB) subsidiary Alvarion has released Avidity series of indoor and outdoor access points based on the latest 802.
The company said the technology measures cell-surface monomeric TCR-peptide-MHC dissociation rates of TCR candidates, which will enable it to choose tumour-specific T cells with an optimal functional avidity for several types of cancer cells.
Klaamas looked into the presence and avidity of anti-TF antibodies in serum samples of cancer patients and normal controls.
In addition, confirmatory diagnostic imaging of catheter tip related FDG avidity has not been previously presented in the literature.