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So, the show has effectively split its viewers into two disagreeing groupsand that's great "viewing insurance" for the series, because that means that people will avidly and even rabidly be watching it up to its final denouement!
CATTERICK 1.10 Rare Legend 1.40 Pinotage 2.10 Holywell 2.40 Maybe I Wont 3.15 Cloudy Joker 3.45 Cara Court 4.15 Take The Cash KEMPTON 4.25 Catalyze 4.55 River Goddess 5.25 Avidly 5.55 My Manekineko 6.25 Time Square 6.55 Zain Zone 7.25 Frankthetank 7.55 Bubbly Bailey LINGFIELD 1.00 Wilhana 1.30 Geeaitch 2.00 La Napoule 2.30 Communicator 3.05 Wilfred Pickles 3.35 Mr David 4.05 Penbryn SOUTHWELL 12.50 Emma Soda 1.20 Stormhoek 1.50 Long Lunch 2.20 Don Pooleoni 2.55 Comedinewithme 3.25 Truckers Steel 3.55 Bold Tara
NAOMI MATTHEW: 4.25 Catalyze, 4.55 River Goddess, 5.25 Avidly, 5.55 My Manekineko, 6.25 Time Square, 6.55 Zain Zone, 7.25 Frankthetank, 7.55 Bubbly Bailey.
"I'm sure all of the children involved in both the assemblies and the coaching clinics will now avidly be attending and following the upcoming tournament, and I'm confident we'll be finding some future stars of the game amongst the pupils here in the UAE."
The popularity of Internet genealogy sites supports the idea that Americans are avidly interested in their ancestors, and that interest, as this study demonstrates, is not new to this era.
After avidly reading each PE magazine, I pass them on to my old school library.
Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently shooting for Prakash Jha's Satyagraha, has been avidly writing about the shoot of the film on his blog.
The Stonecutter provides a fine novel featuring the third installment in her series, and is especially recommended for prior fans who will avidly follow the ongoing story of Patrik and his girlfriend Erica, a crime-solving duo who celebrate their first child even as a suspicious drowning claims the young daughter of one of their close friends.
Mike Robinson, a research fellow in the U-M Department of Psychology and the study's lead author, said the findings help explain how related brain activations in people could cause them to avidly want something that has been always disliked.
But the lasting legacy may just be the way young people are embracing the Olympics with millions of children avidly watching the action unfold on TV.
"Teachers tell me they use my books because they make their lessons more interesting - well, that's not my job, mate!" He said youngsters should discover the books for themselves, adding: "Parents say to me, 'My child never read a book until he read Horrible Histories and now he reads avidly'."
Derek Jeffery, Heswall READERS who listened avidly as I did to Radio Caroline will remember Tom Lodge and his signature tune Rinky Dink, recorded by the Johnny Howard Band.