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The cue becomes avidly 'wanted' despite knowledge the salt always tasted disgusting," Robinson said.
These changes we avidly welcome as good for the city.
I'll be avidly watching The Stones In Exile: An Imagine Special (Today, BBC1, 10.
Now, as a 38-year-old press officer, I still read avidly and last year set myself a '52 books in 12 months' challenge (completed).
Media Plus, one of the award winning Multimedia companies in Jordan and in the region, has been recognised by Adobe Middle East for avidly using Adobe FlashA Platform in its award-winning web development projects.
But I will avidly tune in to all the coverage as the race for Ryder Cup points kicks off.
Lest readers respond too avidly to his enthusiasm for chocolate, the book ends on a cautionary note when .
I'll be watching avidly how Andy Murray gets on this fortnight because he's a perfect example of the best of Scotland (and Britain, if he wins), a dedicated athlete, a non-drinker (our only similarity), who survived the horror of Dunblane as well as the dry joke he made about preferring any team playing England in the World Cup.
I have also been reading avidly about bees, as they're a fascinating subject.
Collected essays by 18 authors probe questions like this: If cats have no intent in life, no obvious plan beyond, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, "prowling avidly about in search of spoil and victory," what can we learn from living with and loving such creatures?
Sales and franchising manager for MGUK, Stephen Cox, said: "Every step of the return to production of MGs at Longbridge has been avidly followed by enthusiasts and new customers alike.
His readers avidly devour every word about the pressures of raising a balanced family.