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Arabidopsis cells with avirulent Pseudomonas syringae induced NO synthesis associated with the production of [H.
BioThrax is a liquid suspension made from an avirulent strain of Bacillus anthracis.
melanogaster caused by virulent and avirulent strains of the parasitic wasp Leptopilina boulardi.
pseudomallei in the soil in Southeast Asia and Australia and is generally considered avirulent (5,28).
Mode of sour rot formation as inferred from cumulative studies with virulent and avirulent strains of Geotrichum candidum.
Characterization of clone 13, a naturally attenuated avirulent isolate of Rift Valley fever virus, which is altered in the small segment.
Dilute concentrations of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG; an avirulent strain of Mycobacterium bovis) were used as a model organism.
The anthrax vaccine is derived from a purified culture filtrate of an avirulent strain of B.
Analysis of the complete genomic sequence of an apparently avirulent strain of avian hepatitis E virus (avian HEV) identified major genetic differences compared with the prototype pathogenic strain of avian HEV.
Toxoplasma gondii sexual cross in a single naturally infected feline host: generation of highly mouse-virulent and avirulent clones, genotypically different from clonal types I, II and III.
burnetii exhibits antigenic variation in which the virulent variant, called phase I, shifts to an avirulent variant, called phase II.
dendrobatidis distribution in some parts of Asia (7,8), might therefore include endemic, avirulent fungal strains in addition to recently introduced, potentially more virulent lineages.