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The avirulent strain (H37Ra) was observed to have induced the lowest level of cytotoxicity among the isolates and the difference was significant when compared to two of the Beijing (Pless than 0.
Something really interesting we found about this guy, is that below 26[degrees]C, it's avirulent,' Pollock says.
Trypanosomes lacking trypanothione reductase are avirulent and show increased sensitivity to oxidative stress.
Genetic modification of the viruses renders them replication-deficient and avirulent, and allows expression of the mycobacterial antigens to which the immune system reacts.
Clearance of virulent but not avirulent Rhodococcus equi from the lungs of adult horses is associated with intracytoplasmic gamma interferon production by CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes.
We hypothesized that this particular strain of ABV2 was either avirulent or of low pathogenicity.
The gene-for-gene theory of plant/pathogen interactions proposes that a plant, resistant to a particular plant pathogen, carries a resistant (R) gene and the plant pathogen, unable to cause disease, possesses an avirulent (avr) gene.
albicans PLD1 is involved in hyphal development in vitro and PLD1 deficient yeast are avirulent compared to wildtype in mouse models of candidiasis.
The SAD strain used in vaccine has been replaced by SAG-1 and SA G2 (SAD avirulent Go strains in the development of vaccines.
The nasopharynx (NP) typically harbors several species of bacteria, including pathogenic and avirulent bacteria.