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Finalists for the Small Business of the Year Award included other leading Florida-based companies Avocare, Black Box GPS and Virsona.
PositiveID and Avocare will also work together to advance the interoperability of Health Link with the Electronic Medical Record systems utilized in the RHIOs throughout the State of Florida, thereby integrating Health Link with medical facilities and healthcare providers serving over one million patients.
Avocare connects healthcare within a community through the Regional Health Information Networks ("RHIN"), a hardware and software system that brings medical information together through a secure Physicians Portal website.
Silverman, PositiveID's Chairman and CEO, said, "We believe that working closely with Avocare will further our goal of providing a personal health record that is interoperable with all electronic medical records systems.
Innovations Avocare, LLC is a technology company that has developed the components necessary for the creation and implementation of a RHIN and Health Information Exchange ("HIE").