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Joel Ang, his vocation as a full-time family physician and his avocation as a violinist are irrevocably intertwined.
There are doctors, lawyers, people in highly paid professions with lots of education for whom moviegoing is an avocation, and no one has asked them their opinion before," asserts company founder Tim Zagat.
Curren is a nurse-educator whose avocation is "the Ladies of Llangollen," two women whose lives in Regency-era Wales have been recorded in both popular and scholarly literature.
He wisely counseled me to have at least one avocation that is less strenuous than my vocation.
Jane Harmon of Carrolton, Texas, went from a hobby to a true avocation.
As the academic effort dwindles for North American botany, Ertter says, "somehow, we're expecting it to get done as an avocation.
It's an avocation he shares with his wife, Glenda, and together they have discovered 16 national champions.
On this program, a panel of celebrity "experts" were tasked to ascertain the vocation or avocation of a guest by asking a series of questions intended to narrow the possibilities down.
As coordinator of boating safety for the American Camping Association, I have met many individuals and groups who boat both as vocation and avocation.
What was undertaken as an avocation resulted in a thoroughly professional and creditable contribution, the biography of Josiah White (1781-1850), a general entrepreneur of Quaker stock and persuasion who lived in the Delaware River Valley of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Advanced composition classes might profitably ponder that choice of avocation.