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A core objective of this project is to develop a website that will serve as a portal to information about identifying and interpreting the fossils of the Cincinnati region for professional and avocational paleontologists, K-16 teachers and community members.
Particular coping behaviors included counseling, using support groups, taking part in avocational interests and activities, family and friends, and proactive resistance.
However, my avocational interest in history allowed me to plow through to the "practical" chapters and content.
and of the pattern of our professional and avocational pursuits.
This includes institutions that offer academic, vocational, and continuing professional education programs and excludes institutions that offer only avocational (leisure) and adult basic education programs.
His fortnightly column for National Review, "From the Academy," was about education, and in 1960 he started an avocational journal, the University Bookman, to "publish short articles on higher education, and fairly lengthy reviews of select college textbooks.
JoAnne Miller is a retired middle school teacher of language arts and mathematics with an avocational interest in history.
The presence of any of these symptoms may limit subjects' ability to enjoy, or even participate in, routine avocational activities.
One of John's avocational archival interests was to follow the track back from Guaman Poma to his teachers and sponsors.
pdf ("The seven domains along which these challenges occur include: (1) family and living arrangements; (2) peer groups and friends; (3) mental, behavioral, and physical health; (4) substance abuse; (5) education and schooling; (6) vocational training and employment; and (7) leisure, recreation, and avocational interests.
The University of Brighton offers avocational course in the wine business, with visits to famous vineyards across Europe.