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comprehensive woodworking, designed for the avocational students; and
A core objective of this project is to develop a website that will serve as a portal to information about identifying and interpreting the fossils of the Cincinnati region for professional and avocational paleontologists, K-16 teachers and community members.
With cooking classes in over 50 locations, Sur La Table operates the largest avocational cooking school nationwide.
The first documented examples of horse bonnets illustrated in rock art (Figures 3,4) were three illustrations (two published and one unpublished) by Thomas Lewis, an avocational rock art scholar who recorded horses at Razor Creek (24YL578), Goffena Rockshelter (24ML408), and Horse House (24YL434) in the Yellowstone and Musselshell river drainages of central Montana (Lewis 1983, 1984, 1985, 1994).
However, my avocational interest in history allowed me to plow through to the "practical" chapters and content.
What the technology yields and records with breathtaking quality and quantity is a highly detailed profile, not simply of where we go, but by easy inference, of our associations--political, religious, amicable and amorous, to name only a few--and of the pattern of our professional and avocational pursuits.
His fortnightly column for National Review, "From the Academy," was about education, and in 1960 he started an avocational journal, the University Bookman, to "publish short articles on higher education, and fairly lengthy reviews of select college textbooks.
For those involved in this study, their professionalism in preparation suggested that they take their involvement seriously and saw it as more as a continuation of their life's work, whether vocational or avocational.
Indeed, Vondracek and Porfeli (2003) note that career exploration often "occurs informally, and includes avocational activities such as hobbies and leisure pursuits" (p.
Crystallized intellectual ability is associated with a totality of educational and experiential knowledge, tends to increase well into middle age and includes both occupational knowledge and avocational knowledge (e.
enhanced priority for avocational services and achievements.
pdf ("The seven domains along which these challenges occur include: (1) family and living arrangements; (2) peer groups and friends; (3) mental, behavioral, and physical health; (4) substance abuse; (5) education and schooling; (6) vocational training and employment; and (7) leisure, recreation, and avocational interests.