avoid arrest

See: escape
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Talking to the media at the Malik Saad Shaheed Lines on Sunday, Kohat District Police Officer Abbas Majeed Marwat said that Afridi had been frequently changing his residence while in Dubai as part of a clever scheme to avoid arrest, but ultimately authorities managed to catch up to him.
Fareed, who survived the attack, told police that his cousin Hikmatullah was a proclaimed offender and migrated to the adjacent tribal region to avoid arrest.
Police said that accused person wanted to the police in various criminal cases trying to avoid arrest when police during routine snap checking signalled him to stop.
By RICHARD MUNGUTIA hawker who has been on the run for the last four years trying to avoid arrest has eventually been charged with killing two businessmen during an armed robbery in Nairobi.
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday denounced as "absurd" the idea that ousted Catalan president Carles Puigdemont could govern from Belgium where he is in self-imposed exile to avoid arrest.
He said the suspect has been hiding the girl different houses belonging to his friends to avoid arrest.
Soon after the incident, the bus drivers had fled from the site of incident to avoid arrest.
Dar could avoid arrest by paying bail, but if he declines to do so, the judge could convert the warrant into a non-bailable one.
Sources in NAB told that Siddique Memon has taken temporary stay order from Sindh High Court to avoid arrest but its final date is due in next week.
Two days later, the same team arrested Sales after he was caught in the act of throwing one sachet of shabu to avoid arrest during the checkpoint.
They are thought to have used fake identities to avoid arrest.
SPRINGFIELD - After crashing into two light posts and a fire hydrant on Main Street early Wednesday morning, an alleged drunken driver hid inside a Springfield strip club to avoid arrest, police said.