avoid capture

See: escape
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A RUSSIAN pilot who ejected from his stricken jet shot two Syrian jihadists then blew himself up to avoid capture.
Catampao was able to run and avoid capture, the military said.
Supt David Felton, from Northumbria Police, said: "These were sophisticated criminals who travelled the country to commit their offences in a bid to avoid capture.
Mr Horsley said: "He was not prepared to let that happen and used his own weapon to avoid capture.
com MOTHER who helped her boyfriend and son avoid capture for the murder of Birmingham teenager has been jailed for three years.
com/headlines/23213-did-tv-survival-shows-help-tad-cummins-pick-up-tips-on-avoiding-capture) Inside Edition last week, the former teacher's wife Jill Cummins said her husband may have learned from television shows about people surviving in the wild, how to avoid capture by staying in remote locations.
Van Natta was "taking steps to try and avoid capture," the Marshals Service said, and authorities learned he was likely in the Reno area.
But when her guardian and keeper vanishes, Jaeda has to move quickly to avoid capture and save herself, her guardian, and her new human pets.
He was charged with assisting an offender after allegedly helping James Tarrant avoid capture in 2010, which he strenuously denies.
Andreas Onoufriou had been charged with attempted murder after he fired against a police officer with a G3 assault rifle on April 24, 2014 while trying to avoid capture in relation with a separate case.
Its name derives from the oak tree in which Charles hid to avoid capture by the Parliamentary forces.
Chess and his friends must find a way to avoid capture and reach the top of the mountain where a cure for Fog sickness can be found.