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Ms Harkin, said: "Both today's rise in diabetes and an ageing Europe threaten to increase the numbers of avoidably vision-impaired and blind persons.
Because the profound importance of institutional responsibilities is still poorly understood, my focus is on them and especially on the negative duty not to contribute to the design or imposition of institutional arrangements under which human rights foreseeably and avoidably remain unfulfilled.
Tuning a car radio; when the driver was avoidably distracted by this action ?
Lamentably, and avoidably, we are now deprived of watching a truly great batter pitting his skills against the world's best bowlers for some time.
46) If the society's affluence is sustained by a global system of rules that avoidably keeps billions in poverty, then the priority its members give to one another may be a violation of human rights rather than the fulfillment of a morally sound reciprocal contract.
Addiction will be viewed as an important health problem and addiction services valued as means to reduce the incidence of medical/surgical complications (substance-related illnesses and injuries) that substantially but avoidably drive up overall healthcare costs.
Many people are dying avoidably in the year after having a heart attack due to delays introducing this new treatment.
Napolitano reminds us, first, how uniquely fortunate we are as Americans to enjoy the individual protections guaranteed by our Constitution and, second, how fleeting liberty will surely be when the people avoidably surrender power to government--whether through ignorance and apathy or grossly misplaced trust.
A nice range of finds is presented, but in themselves these do not necessarily identify the nature of the temple-tour: Turning to the seals, the layout with horizontally and vertically mounted cylinder seal impressions is avoidably unattractive.
Even the manner of the defeat that Monday evening provided portents of the forthcoming doom, all three of Villa''s goals largely of Liverpool''s own making - from poor defending at set-pieces, the misfortune of an own goal and the avoidably rash concession of a penalty.
Doing so will result in fewer unjustified lawsuits, hopefully fair and reasonable compensation for patients who have been injured avoidably and, ultimately, the improvement in care of patients with otolaryngologic disorders.
In other words, people are dying avoidably with cachexia, even if not directly from it and even if it never appears on a death certificate.