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If a client asks an adviser whether an accuracy-related penalty can be avoided by relying on the adviser's opinion, does this mean the client did not act in good faith?
This optional service allows customers to see avoided costs realized through their participation in the MCE Power Shopping[SM] Pro gram, as well as a wealth of over useful information on their properties' power usage.
For HIVers with CD4-cell below 200--counts below 200--which indicates severe immune system damage--trips to areas where parasitic, bacterial, and viral diseases are prevalent can be very dangerous and should be avoided.
This inherent taxable gain in the received buyer's stock can be avoided if the selling shareholder or their spouse should die.
Bright or fluorescent colors on envelopes should be avoided due to their tendency to render cancelling machines unable to detect the front of the envelope.
INSTRUCTION Redemptions sacramentum on certain hatters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist
Aluminum should be avoided, due to the somewhat abrasive nature of LSRs.
Repertoire containing large chords barely within the reach of the hand is best avoided.
Nevertheless, the exploration of African-American culture and religious heritage is important to Christian theology and should not be avoided because of the fear of mistakes.
Researchers studied 50 children, 3-10 years old, who avoided cow's milk for a variety of reasons, including milk intolerance, dislike, and "lifestyle choice.
Pork should be avoided, and fatty beef products should be avoided.
Preoperative sedatives are avoided because patients with obstructive sleep apnea often over-react to them, and airway crisis can occur.