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We designated each species in each study as an avoider (significantly greater abundance or density away from edges), an exploiter (significantly greater abundance or density at edges), or as having no response (no increase or decrease in abundance at edges) based on the conclusions reached by the authors of each original study except in three cases (Strelke and Dickson 1980, Quintela 1985, and Sisk 1992-neotropical data).
As your boss, the Avoider makes you vulnerable by not taking on any new or high-profile projects through which you could distinguish yourself.
Risk avoiders are safe players who resist making decisions without first exploring every nook and cranny for bugs.
1 ( ANI ): Britain's greatest poet and playwright William Shakespeare was also a tax avoider and a profiteer, a study has claimed.
His emphasis is on the application of the Treaty freedoms and thus to what degree a tax avoider is entitled to certain rights on the grounds of incomplete economic integration.
The 2012 Avoider Study is based on responses from approximately 24,045 owners who registered a new vehicle in May 2011.
Activist Benjamin Neem said yesterday: "Green is a multi-billionaire tax avoider and yet he is regarded as an appropriate man to advise the government on austerity.
The Entrepreneurial, Play Safer and Risk Avoider categories are derived from mathematical games theory as a way of defining decision making.
com) (TM) Avoider, Loyalist and Ready User are trade names of the PATH Organization, who nationally validated, proprietary healthcare model has been used to segment and profile over 400,000 adults spanning consumer demographics and disease conditions.
As Adam Smith reminds us, the tax avoider is "in every respect an excellent citizen had not the laws made a crime of what nature never meant to be.