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Stewart Burnick, 28, of Broadway East, Redcar, fined PS150 with PS124 costs for avoiding rail fare payment.
The Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change (AVOID)~ research programme was established in 2009 to provide advice to the UK Government on avoiding levels of global greenhouse gas emissions that cause potentially dangerous climate change.
When the class started, the librarian took the students to the Avoiding Plagiarism page on the course website.
Key recommendations include avoiding overweight and obesity, which increase risk of cancer of the esophagus, kidney, colon, and breast; eating at least 13 ounces of fruits and vegetables daily to reduce risk of cancer of the esophagus, stomach, colon, and mouth; limiting or avoiding red meat and preserved meat to reduce risk of colon cancer; moderating salt intake to reduce risk of stomach cancer; and avoiding very hot or scalding drinks and foods to reduce risk of cancer of the mouth and esophagus.
The objective is to fabricate parts in such a manner that no sprue needs to be removed, avoiding a labor-intensive process and the possibility of considerable material waste.
Though the high court upheld the delusional dentist's "liberty interest" in avoiding forced drugging, it stopped short of spelling out the constitutional rights of the accused.
tax rules contain three main weapons to prevent taxpayers from avoiding tax on income earned in a tax haven country.
This understanding of hand anatomy underscores the importance of avoiding keybedding to minimize stresses on tendons.
Similarly, select a table surface in a light color, with a non-glare surface; this will reflect some of the light to the underside of facial features, avoiding facial shadows.
This proactive approach emphasizes avoiding negative contact through preparation.
Avoiding discussion of complex themes and concepts is essential to maintaining the residents' attention and comprehension.
And Saint Basil the Great explains: `Turning away from all wickedness means keeping our tongue in check, restraining our anger, suppressing evil desires, and avoiding all gossip, lying, and swearing.