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'Also the temperature is high and people should take precautions like drinking more water and avoiding exposure to hot sun," he added.
Stewart Burnick, 28, of Broadway East, Redcar, fined PS150 with PS124 costs for avoiding rail fare payment.
The Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change (AVOID)~ research programme was established in 2009 to provide advice to the UK Government on avoiding levels of global greenhouse gas emissions that cause potentially dangerous climate change.
Phillies, Blanton Agree on 3-yr, $24M Deal Avoiding Salary Arbitration (
The librarian developed a resource page, Avoiding Plagiarism, and uploaded it into the Library Resources folder.
If the driver doesn't respond to the alerts, the car can bring itself to a safe stop, avoiding a collision, according to GM.
To cleanse deep-seated conditions it might be necessary to completely avoid these foods while focusing on whole grains (avoiding wheat), soups, and vegetables.
Avoiding The Corporate Death Spiral: Recognizing And Eliminating The Signs Of Decline by Gregg Stocker (Director of Quality & Performance Improvement at ICO Polymers, Inc.) is an informed study of valid tactics and knowledgeable approach to the avoidance of catastrophic corporate failure.
The Student Judicial Affairs Office of the University of California, Davis has a web page entitled "Avoiding Plagiarism: Mastering the Art of Scholarship" (
Avoiding depreciation recapture is difficult; however, sometimes, taxpayers can avoid Sec.
Health experts say avoiding mosquito bites, as Craig did, is a key disease-prevention step when traveling.