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But worse than length is the monstrous immodesty of Lynch's letter, which overflows with archaic, obsolete, seldom-used words and phrases, including avouch, astringent, arrant, assiduous, and rampageous.
The proof offered by the "true avouch / Of [Horatio's] own
13) Elsewhere, the insufficiency of a skeptical view of reality is made apparent when Horatio sees the Ghost in Hamlet and exclaims "Before my God, I might not this believe / Without the sensible and true avouch / Of mine own eyes" (1.
Now helmer Avouch ("Ali Zaoua") is teaming with pubcaster RTM, under prexy Faical Laraichi, to launch a diverse slate of genre films.
If you'll avouch 'twas wisdom Paris went-- As you must needs, for you all cried 'Go, go'; If you'll confess he brought home worthy prize-- As you must needs, for you all clapped you hands And cried 'Inestimable'; why do you now The issue of your proper wisdoms rate, And do a deed that never fortune did, Beggar the estimation which you prized Richer than sea or land?