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Simply put, Hermia can't love Demetrius on the grounds that he "had formerly professed love for her dear friend Helena." In Shakespeare's play, it is Lysander, not Hermia, who mentions Demetrius's change-of-heart and infidelity: "Demetrius, I'll avouch it to his head, / Made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena, / And won her soul" (1.1.106-8).
Abruptly, with a flourish of his sword, Endicott slices the red cross of England from the British flag, crying as he does so: "Before God and man, I will avouch the deed....
HORATIO: Before my God, I might not this believe Without the sensible and true avouch Of mine own eyes.
Have any progress and improvement in the education sector ever been avouched only after the aforesaid criterion is evolved?
Abba Poemen avouches the connection that is to be found between penthos or compunction of the heart, weeping for one's sins, and the dependence on God's mercy in two of his comments on the episode in the Gospels that talks about Christ and the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15; Mark 7).
Scholars debate the list of permissible ingredients in executive decision making, but most agree that the ingredients that actually wind up in the pot--including political ones--should be openly avouched. Indeed, the principle that the actual motivations for executive decisions should be disclosed is sometimes the variable that drives scholarly prescriptions on what factors may be permissibly considered.
For English painting Ruskin remains the builder of his own system of values, being the only one who avouched the quality and the dimensions of Turner's genius at that time.
Claudius avouches himself as "the student of her sounds" (2002, 23) and Cascan declares himself not just familiar with Gertrude's cries but as "the connoisseur of its varieties" (2002,11).
Cantwell, meanwhile, avouches himself a religious man, but completely ignores Hockstadter's revelation, returning immediately to business.
(333) Meanwhile, dissent and resignations exhibited opposition and White House officials consistently avouched that an invasion would be only a contingent last resort to achieve disarmament.
The primary fear I hear expressed by these avouched Three Lions objectors is about having to cope with all the hype that would accompany an England World Cup win.
"Not a European nation would have given up Cuba as we gave it up," he avouched (1954, 5:774-75).