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The institutional structure attempts to motivate authorities to track the avowable interests of citizens.
It is more difficult to be precise about the criteria or arbitrariness in the latter cases, but assume that everyone in the society has a readily avowable interest in there being a coercive, interfering State, so long as it is forced to meet certain constraints.
This happens when someone or a group occupies a position of authority or power over another and so is able to elicit his subjugation or deference at will, without regard for his avowable and politically relevant interests.
Interferences that further or track citizens' nonsectional, politically relevant, avowable interests besides nondomination are permissible.
Doing so usurps an avowable relation in which darkness and obscurity are merely the lesser pole in a binary relation where light is privileged.
I would suggest that avowable be understood as inattentive to difference and supportive of a notion of the same, while unavowable marks a very specific attention to difference, attempting to unwork the hierarchical structure of same-other where the same always holds the upper hand.
avowable phenomena of consciousness, on the one hand, and, on the