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An open declaration by an attorney representing a party in a lawsuit, made after the jury has been removed from the courtroom, that requests the admission of particular testimony from a witness that would otherwise be inadmissible because it has been successfully objected to during the trial.

An avowal serves two purposes. It enables an attorney to have the court learn what a witness would have replied to a question had opposing counsel not made an objection to the question sustained by the court. It also provides the interrogator with an opportunity to offer evidence that contradicts the disputed testimony. If, upon appeal, an appellate court decides that a witness should have been allowed to respond to such questions before a jury, an avowal will be a record of the witness's response.


noun acknowledgment, adjurement, affirmance, affirmation, assertion, asseveration, attestation, averment, aveu, avouchment, avowance, confession, confirmation, contention, corroboration, declaration, endorsement, legal pledge, open declaration, positive statement, profession, pronouncement, statement, statement on oath, testimony, validation, verification
See also: adjuration, admission, assertion, asseveration, assurance, attestation, averment, avouchment, certainty, claim, contract, conviction, covenant, declaration, disclosure, jurat, oath, persuasion, pledge, profession, promise, recognition, recognizance, recommendation, reference, statement, surety, testimony, undertaking
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Shah claimed the Khatme-Nabuwat avowal clause was not restored to its true essence despite countrywide protests by Ulema.
No democracy can accommodate a coalition in an election government that lasts the government- as still remain-with the public avowal of contesting the polls coalescing with the opposition.
Ulema joining hands with Head of Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan Khadim Hussain Razvi pledged their avowal of not making any compromise on the sanctity of Holy Prophet and Khatm-e-Nabuwat.
Protesters have blocked a main entrance into Islamabad city for the past week and demanded the resignation of the country's Law Minister Zahid Hamid for allegedly pushing a constitutional amendment to make changes in the avowal of finality of Prophet-hood for parliamentarians.
It is pertinent to mention here that law minister Zahid Hamid last week told the National Assembly that the section regarding avowal of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat has not been changed in the oath-taking form under the newly adopted Election Bill 2017.
Despite this avowal to atheism, McGowan began to feel as though there was something missing from his worldview as he sat at church, per his mother-in-law's request, and saw how committed church members were to volunteering at the congregation's homeless dinner and donating their money to the collection plate.
After reviewing postcolonial Biblical criticism and the Book of Exodus in it, he discusses identity under construction: contrasting Pharaonic exclusivism with hybridic resistance in Exodus 1:1-2:10, identity destruction: Moses' quadruple displacement in Exodus 2:11-22, identity reconstruction: YHWH's avowal of liminality in Exodus 2:23-3:15, and restrospect and prospect: reviewing findings and mapping contrapuntal contact zones in the remainder of Exodus.
By the very avowal of its representatives, Hezbollah is beholden to the clerics in Tehran, as it unabashedly upholds a divine right to decide for all Lebanese without seeking their consent.
Long before we knew, as children of the liquid avowal, that water was water and music the elixir of itself, we would bunch by the piers and square pillars, aloes of the coasts, fluting, caroling our rhythm to the lake, a vow hymned to the water that it would take us to the places it would go.
What is more, when it is a question of a past that is not only our individual history but that of our historical community, our avowal confirms the acceptance, in our own singular freedom, of this history of which we are the heirs.
com/2016/01/u-s-attorney-general-to-institutionalize-obama-gun-laws/) recent avowal from U.
Shabbir Ahmad Shah while rejecting the avowal of Indian First Secretary, said that India always exhibited unrealistic approach with regard to the Kashmir dispute.