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But Trump was very, very specific in his avowals and is off to a great start in his cabinet appointments.
His topics include Jews in literature and art of the church during the Catholic Middle Ages, controversy and mission in the age of pietism 1700-60, avowals of converted Jews, freedom and the integration of Jews into society 1814-49, and sympathy for Jews and hatred of Jews in the Danish People's Church 1900-48.
This is in brazen disregard not just of international laws and rules like the UNCLOS, but of China's own repeated avowals of friendly neighborly policy.
They became known as the "Angola Three" as their years in solitary confinement at the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola drew attention to their avowals of innocence.
In addition to the intellectual avowals outlined by Blanton are the socially influenced practices of educational waste and the lowering of standards that Sanchez noted in racialized school settings.
The public avowals of Begin's party [The Freedom Party] are no guide whatever to its actual character.
But so are Bender's avowals that animals communicate telepathically with each other and us before and after death, that they're "meditating all the time," that they collectively lament human loneliness, and that they're unafraid to die because they "abide in a threefold trust--trust in themselves, trust in the world, and trust in the Source" (aka God).
Earlier avowals merely came across as rhetoric as the government's ambivalence reflected in an approach that was deemed too conciliatory to the TTP that had no qualms in indulging in terror attacks on civilians and security officials.
While the emails do not establish that the governor called for the lane closings, they do show his staff was intimately involved, contradicting Christie's repeated avowals that no one in his office or campaign knew.
When the Syrian opposition was wooed by other suitors (say, Turkey and Qatar), the United States chased those rivals away with renewed avowals of affection.
However, the report said that CA is still not convinced by Warner's avowals, as in the wake of Warner's four-week ban and 11,500 dollar-fine for punching Root, CA is seeking professional advice on the left hander's relationship with alcohol.
the Danish Peoples Party and the Stop Islamization of Denmark organization)--immediately emerged with anti-Islam avowals and a demonstration titled "Today, We Are All Jews.