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You went round all the antis, mamgu, tadcu and the neighbours, making speeches and avowals, and completed a last walk along the front, seeing it all for the last time, committing its detailed beauty to heart.
Many people hope that Imran Khans invective prior to the elections, his avowals of support for certain laws and questionable practices and he has expressed a resistance to re-examine the blasphemy law, a support for jirgas and has been bouncing his head off shrines and and his unpleasant language were just a means of garnering popular support, nothing more.
Placating them with token religious avowals to buy their support not only legitimises their radical agendas, it grants them the platform to become a tangible and volatile force in the electorate which cannot be mitigated or controlled-one that will accept nothing short of the supremacy of their own dogmatic ideology implemented in the country.
We are as dependent as Flaubert's characters on apprehending a way in which any misapprehension of our attitudes does not therefore presuppose a "fixed system of the self," one possessed of a finite repertoire of avowals. Rather, it denotes a repertoire constantly in need of expansion or new justifications.
I mean, why swap official avowals of undying adoration with your other half when you live with them on a daily basis?
And the photo-narcissist chronicle--a favored form since Nan Goldin's Ballad of Sexual Dependency--goes back at least to Claude Cahun's transgender self-portraits of the '30s, in Aveux non avenus (Avowals not admitted).
Here too were Dave and Jill looking rather bored despite avowals of a mutually fantastic sex life pepped up after the arrival of a kid by introducing assorted vibratory things into the relationship.
Fairness opinions almost never are required as a matter of law although such avowals became customary after January 1985, when the Delaware Supreme Court ruled against the directors of Trans Union Corp.
With no access to the books of these closely held companies, it is hard to prove either the employees' conviction that an absentee speculator gutted a viable if not vibrant enterprise, or the managers' avowals that years of underinvestment by the patriarchal, conservative Whites had made the plant's position untenable.
Well written, well researched, well reasoned, remarkably easy to read, this is, I think a book which may be therapeutically prescribed as antidote to the poisonings of sundry former attitudes, avowals, errors and omissions.
The reason for these avowals of generality is that both Vital Communications and the Sportel organization in Monaco envision Sportelamerica as something bigger than a niche market.
An appendix is devoted to the eyewitness account of the Commune by an American sculptor, positioned, one feels, as sympathetic surrogate for Boime himself who personalizes cultural revisionism by avowals (of his own 'political awakening' in the 1960s) and by analogy (between la semaine sanglante and the 1992 street warfare in South Central Los Angeles, and between the National Guard and the LAPD).