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While noting that it was working with other security agencies to stem the tide, the Army avowed that it had resolved to arrest all perpetrators as well as their backers, no matter how highly placed they were.
The band's avowed aim for the album, to construct love songs "that don't adhere to the traditional love song type" is impressively served, in musical arrangements that include the classical stringed dramatics and swirling enthralled rush of Formaldehyde.
If the avowed purpose of pay for performance is quality but the true purpose is efficiency, that is unethical.
Sarah, an avowed partisan of online marketing, countered: "If search and e-mail reach their limits as Drew describes above, it's back to paper and ink and postage?
Written by a missionary who served in Europe for twenty-two years, Jordan's Crossing is a novel about an avowed liberal led astray first by greed, then when his young son is murdered, by thoughts of revenge and dealing out "justice" with his own hands.
Whereas invading the sovereign territory of a rogue state is an acceptable form of anticipatory self-defense fully consistent with international norms and America's avowed support of the rule of law;
Skaer's avowed interest is in how things gain imagistic status and thereby become mobile, both through our familiarity with them and via other means.
The former account, which has never been reprinted, is a straightforward narrative of Phelps' enslavement and escape with the descriptive detail and avowed truthfulness of a "plain-speaking Englishman.
According to Gichira Kibara, head of the Centre for Democracy and Governance in Nairobi, by saying 'No' to grafters "Kenyans feel they are helping the government achieve its avowed mission of ridding the country of corruption.
Henry Gonzalez may be gone, but his populist cause lives on in Representative Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont and the only avowed socialist in Congress.
Even Linda Jones, senior vice president of the company's South Florida operations and an avowed agnostic who believes religion doesn't belong in the workplace, admits HomeBanc makes her feel cared for.
FERC's plan addresses many problems seen at the wholesale level, but its avowed purpose is to help the retail power customer at the end of the power line.