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On several occasions already the Bulgarian head of government has shown his support for the protest movement, which avowedly wants to topple the government; he has offered his 'good wishes' to the thousands who have taken to the streets of Sofia for the sixth week in succession, but who represent only a fraction of the seven million Bulgarians,a says the article.
Avowedly committed to the Zionist project, he is nonetheless critical of the decision-making process, arguing that it is characterized by an absence of policy planning processes by the premier and cabinet-level forums; a deep politicization; a lack of top-down control (particularly when politicization is high); a failure to institutionalize the process, resulting in highly idiosyncratic decision making, and an outsized influence of military personnel as the primary source of expertise and bureaucratic players.
Striking a moderate note, the avowedly Marxist guerrilla leader set out to soften his radical image.
At very least, avowedly pacifist Japan should examine what it would need to do to join the club of declared nuclear powers, the 80-year-old arch conservative told foreign journalists in Tokyo.
But the former cricketer's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is avowedly anti-America and one of the biggest critics of drone strikes by the US forces in the region.
It was an impossibly glamorous place, choc full of fun distractions via my older cousins' propensity for mischief, the chicken-in-a-basket cabaret of workingmen's clubs and people with avowedly odd accents.
However, tying tariffs to output costs could prove politically unpopular for the avowedly pro-people government.
The government briefly allowed an avowedly Nazi website with an Iran address to operate without the same censorship applied to other political websites.
Victory in a competitive senior league would be a feather in the cap for an avowedly local club that has made a policy of nurturing the talent on its own doorstep from scratch.
Events being held as part of the avowedly proletarian party's meeting include a football tournament, a history exhibition, a film festival and a national-level volleyball tournament.
Theologians and believers will find much to engage and debate in this book of humanistic reflections by an avowedly areligious technologist.
By the 1980s, even avowedly socialist leaders on the European continent retreated from planning.