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Bayliss is avowedly not a man to focus on the minutiae of the International Cricket Council's rankings, he clearly believes the team's current number five spot is a modest reflection of the talent at his disposal.
But now the weak, undemocratic, by all accounts corrupt but avowedly nonsectarian PLO, is losing ground to Hamas, which espouses an overtly sectarian ideology and ghts in the name of Islam.
The broader avowedly altruistic goal for both groups is to provide mobility and to prevent accidents in the provision of that mobility.
Calling Gandhi a 'Delhi Shehzada', Modi had slammed the Congress leader for avowedly taking credit for the Food Security Bill, even as the scheme was first initiated by the Chhattigarh government.
Nine years later, the song was covered by The Communards in an avowedly Hi-NRG version.
Avowedly committed to the Zionist project, he is nonetheless critical of the decision-making process, arguing that it is characterized by an absence of policy planning processes by the premier and cabinet-level forums; a deep politicization; a lack of top-down control (particularly when politicization is high); a failure to institutionalize the process, resulting in highly idiosyncratic decision making, and an outsized influence of military personnel as the primary source of expertise and bureaucratic players.
Not exactly a good start from an avowedly socialist Labour administration.
Events being held as part of the avowedly proletarian party's meeting include a football tournament, a history exhibition, a film festival and a national-level volleyball tournament.
Its cultural perspective has always been an avowedly interdisciplinary one, and its past Fellows have included such distinguished figures as Paul Tillich, Margaret Mead, Mircea Eliade, W H Auden, Robert Motherwell and Mies Van der Rohe.
Sayyed promised the PM that things would not rest in the country before he puts to trial his closest henchmen, avowedly proclaiming his pro-Syrian stance, albeit, he did not take orders from Damascus as he said.
"The new law avowedly sought to accomplish justice and equality among voters through the partition of the multi-member constituencies into one-member sub-districts, but this equality turned out to be of formal nature," the NCHR said in a statement.
The building society accounts listed on which make charity donations tend to be mainly the larger regional ones looking to give something back to local communities, plus the avowedly philanthropic Triodos Bank.