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The immediate and noticeable addition to land caused by its removal from the property of another, by a sudden change in a water bed or in the course of a stream.

When a stream that is a boundary suddenly abandons its bed and seeks a new bed, the boundary line does not change. It remains in the center of the original bed even if water no longer flows through it. This is known as the rule of avulsion.

Avulsion is not the same as accretion or alluvion, the gradual and imperceptible buildup of land by the continuous activity of the sea, a river, or by other natural causes.


n. the change in the border of two properties due to a sudden change in the natural course of a stream or river, when the border is defined by the channel of the waterway. The most famous American case is the Mississippi River's change which put Vicksburg on the other side of the river.


noun divulsion, evulsion, forcible extraccion, plucking out, ripping out, tearing away, tearing off, viilent separation
Associated concepts: accretion, erosion, riparian rights
See also: evulsion

AVULSION. Where, by the immediate and manifest power of a river or stream, the soil is taken suddenly from one man's estate and carried to another. In such case the property belongs to the first owner. An acquiescence on his part, however, will in time entitle the owner of the land to which it is attached to claim it as his own. Bract. 221; Harg. Tracts, De jure maris, &c. Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tom. 3, p. 106; 2. Bl. Com. 262; Schultes on Aq. Rights, 115 to 138. Avulsion differs from alluvion (q.v.) in this, that in the latter case the change of the soil is gradual and imperceptible.

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In the absence of bone union, knee extension will be limited by impingement of the avulsed fragment and knee instability will be induced by dysfunction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
To replant a clean tooth with undamaged root surface the avulsed tooth should be stored in an appro- priate medium till patient is brought to the dental office.
Reimplantation of avulsed incisors after a considerable delay of more than 60 min has a proven compromised prognosis.
Treatment options were reimplantation of avulsed tooth, no reimplantation, and prosthodontic replacement of tooth with removable partial denture, minimum preparation bridge, fixed partial denture, ortho-treatment, or implant placement at maturity.
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c) Radiogram taken 1 year and 6 months after the injury demonstrating firm union of the avulsed coracoid fragment.
If the injury is avulsive in nature, pieces of the avulsed bone, termed a "fleck sign," may be found rather than or along with the diastasis.
That is why all avulsed teeth will need a root canal treatment.
To the best of our knowledge, literature is scarce about the use of Aloe Vera extract as a storage media for avulsed teeth.