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29) Reconstruction of the UCL has been famously named "Tommy John" surgery, and complications from surgery include avulsion fractures of the medial epicondyle, graft degeneration and tearing.
27-29) Additionally, Vorlat found that the duration of the non-weightbearing period is the most important variable linked to final clinical outcome after an avulsion fracture of the proximal fifth metatarsal and noted poor functional outcome with non-weightbearing treatment.
An x-ray will rule out stress fracture or avulsion fracture at the pelvis or sight of hamstring origin, and a bone scan may be useful.
The Segond fracture, an avulsion fracture of the lateral joint capsule at its insertion onto the lateral tibial plateau, is associated with an ACL tear in >90% of cases when it is present (Figure 5).
He agreed to a contract during the first half of July, but he also found out he has an avulsion fracture of his pelvic bone, which kept him from playing with the Sonics' summer league team.
The Lakers have had an inordinate number of hand/finger injuries this season, starting with Bryant's avulsion fracture in his right index finger.
Jackson missed five games as a freshman with a bruised knee, played the final 13 games of his sophomore year with an avulsion fracture in his left foot and last year suffered an abdominal strain that was re-aggravated this season.
Avulsion fracture of the coracoid associated with acromioclavicular dislocation.
Bryant was found to have a complete tear of the radial collateral ligament, an avulsion fracture and a volar plate injury at the pinkie joint.
Arthroscopic treatment of acute tibial avulsion fracture of the posterior cruciate ligament with suture fixation through Y-shaped bone tunnels.
But unlike the first time she was away, when she missed the first 11 games because of an avulsion fracture in her pelvis, this brief hiatus was good news for Johnson.