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6,7) While similar movement in adults will produce tendon sprains and muscle strains, children often experience a complete avulsion fracture.
This article aims to highlight our experience of managing 12 cases of comminuted lower pole avulsion fractures with traditional method of partial patellectomy with patellar tendon repair by transosseus sutures as there is not much of published data.
The technique is more commonly used for greater tuberosity avulsion fracture, three-part and four-part fractures and in cases with severe osteoporosis.
Simultaneous bilateral avulsion fractures of the anterior superior iliac spines in an adolescent sprinter.
Type 3 represents a small ulnar avulsion fracture fragment in association with metacarpal dislocation (Table 1).
The case presented here illustrates an instance of an irreducible patella dislocation in a patient sustaining an osteochondral and medial avulsion fracture.
Radiography demonstrated a left distal clavicular fracture (type 2b according to Craig's classification and type 3B1 according to Robinson's classification) with an avulsion fracture of the coracoid attachment of the CCL [9] (Figure 1(a)).
29) Reconstruction of the UCL has been famously named "Tommy John" surgery, and complications from surgery include avulsion fractures of the medial epicondyle, graft degeneration and tearing.
I had an avulsion fracture of my anterior cruciate ligament, where a chunk of bone on my ligament had pulled away from the main bone.
During such physical activities, avulsion fracture of the pelvic bone can occur due to an abrupt and strong traction to the pelvic spine by the musculotendinous junction of the muscles.
The White Sox said doctors at Rush Oak Park Hospital on Tuesday repaired a torn labrum and avulsion fracture in Garcia's left shoulder.
Knowledge and behavior level of basic education teachers in public schools deal with cases of tooth avulsion fracture