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AWAIT, crim. law. Seems to signify what is now understood by lying in wait, or way-laying.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In Municipal committee Jampur elections, four independent candidates have won from their respective wards while result of remaining nine wards is still awaited.
Summary: Andrew Lloyd Webber launched the long awaited sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies.
A more modern definition of comfort awaited the middle of the nineteenth century when Alexander Jackson Downing and Catherine Beecher preached that the middle class deserved a "comfortable cottage." Crowley only tempts us with that idea for those writings were still prescriptive; Katherine Grier carries it to its Victorian conclusion in Culture and Comfort: People, Parlors, and Upholstery, 1850-1930.
The event ties in with the eagerly awaited launch of the third film in the series - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
The New Wave was new once, and so was new media, but as Jean-Luc Godard wrote in 1965, after having made a half dozen of his best films, "I await the end of Cinema with optimism." Many of those artists who awaited the end of the Internet with optimism are now finding inspiration in the medium of the video game.
But the biggest revelation Michelangelo offered awaited me in the Vatican.
As the weather warms and eating outdoors becomes an option, this ultimate street food becomes a feasible delight when going out for long awaited strolls or to a home opener.
The long awaited Atalanta Building by Canal and the Holland tunnel opens for sales soon, while 169 Hudson opens in two weeks.
The postmodern God is more likely absent but awaited, as in Simone Weil or Samuel Beckett, or - my personal favorite - Rilke.
In the mid 1960s when I was working on a doctoral dissertation on seventeenth-century melancholy, Professor Dennis Donovan asked me how I could undertake such a project when Burton still "awaited his editor." Donovan himself was embarked on massive bibliographical researches on this encyclopedic author, researches that regrettably he never lived to finish, although the editors of the project under review include his xeroxed editions in their list of acknowledgements.
HCFA's long-awaited MDS revision (MDS 2.0) will have to be awaited a bit longer, as will its software mandate.
The tax bar stated that the annual explanatory circular is a detailed and comprehensive document on the income tax amendments and is one of the most awaited document from the FBR whereas taxpayers are apprised of the official clarification from the regulator over the budgetary amendments.