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Javed Ali Mahar awaiting posting is transferred and posted with immediate effect and until further orders as DIGP Establishment vice Muzaffar Ali Shaikh.
DIG Naeem Ahmed Sheikh awaiting posting was appointed as DIG Headquarters, CPO Sindh, Karachi and DIG Finance CPO Sindh.
Meanwhile, Ajmal Khan (PA and AS BS-18) awaiting posting in Establishment Department as Deputy Director (Finance) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority, on deputation basis against the vacant post.
Burgon has now been tracked down and is awaiting extradition to the UK.
Two prisoners in Wales had been awaiting trial for more than one year, with the longest locked up for 21 months while they waited their day in court.
The reason why so many patients are awaiting kidney transplants is that these patients can be kept alive on dialysis treatment while they await their transplant.
At present, across the country, Canadian Anglicans are awaiting the decision from the Council of General Synod about whether or not to accede to the global primates' request that they withdraw their representatives from the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC).
Gang B holds the Kirkdale area but its leader is in custody awaiting trial over two alleged attempted murders, while his closest associate is in jail for firearm offences.
The bill is awaiting a hearing in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee and will be heard in August.
There are several issues awaiting Commission action that are so far in the staff preparation stage.
THE FA are facing a mounting list of players awaiting hearings at Soho Square:
A portion of the funding is still awaiting the project's start; $15 million has been promised from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp.