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AWAIT, crim. law. Seems to signify what is now understood by lying in wait, or way-laying.

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The disrupting team also awaits foreign settlements that lead this or that political figure to the presidency," he added.
An Arizona judge has ordered the 22-year-old man accused of killing six people and injuring 14, including a US congresswoman, to be held without bail as he awaits trial on federal charges.
There is hope for the future, great hope, and a rich and rewarding life awaits them.
The rich man begs that Lazarus, who is in heaven with Abraham, be sent to warn his rich brothers of the torture that awaits them unless they change their ways.
He patiently awaits his Muse, doodling in his notebook, hoping for inspiration.
Columbus Circle LLC that licked in $1 million for the design of the project awaits the circle's completion, said Bruce Warwick, president of the Columbus Circle LLC that invested $345 million for the former Coliseum site and $1.
CARI has offered to work with Nanaimo and awaits a reply to its comments.
Albatrosses can travel as much as 5,000 miles without stopping, and Safina's book traces Amelia's journeys across the Pacific and back to Tern Island, where her baby awaits its food and scientists await observation opportunities.
But in at least one case, consumers may be deprived of a specific product that awaits exemption from a CPSC rule.
A full test of the theory, however, awaits exploration by spacecraft, since Saturn's rings would block the view of such spots.