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In truth, he had awakened that morning from a sleep deep as annihilation; and during those first few moments in which the brain, like a Samson shaking himself, is trying its strength, he had some dim notion of an unusual nocturnal proceeding.
"Children sleep longer and deeper than adults and require louder sounds to awaken than adults.
It is a call to awaken beyond the ego mind to the higher self.
The documentary, called Awaken, took five years to make in over 30 countries.
Awaken Your Divine Intuition: Receive Wisdom, Blessings, and Love by Connecting with Spirit provides a fine transformational spirituality piece holding proven techniques to increasing divine contact, and is a recommendation for new age readers interested in increasing their spiritual connections.
"Awaken Your Divine Intuition: Receive Wisdom, Blessings, and Love by Connecting with Spirit" by Susan Shumsky is a profound, practical, transformational guide with which readers will learn proven techniques to open their heart, mind, and spirit to the riches of inner divine contact.
I am growing taller by the day, now I need to awaken my bud for now Is the time and I felt that I should?
Chopra believes that through meditation, a major component of his philosophy, it is possible to awaken creativity and clear the mind to allow inner guidance, thereby unlocking the door to fulfillment and happiness.
The influx of Western ideas did no more than awaken a consciousness that neither superseded local parochialism nor Ottoman universalism.
Parents awaken their child at scheduled times before the child normally wakes up on his own, and then do whatever they normally do to soothe the child (rock him, rub his back, change his diaper, etc.).
Awaken Your Inner Golfer facilitates self-discovery for the feel of a golf swing that works for each individual golfer's unique physiology through the playful exploration of forty unique instinct-awakening golf exercises.
"The Awakended Psychic" explores ideas and techniques for enhancing your psychic abilities and making the most of your intuitive talents, including: How to build a powerful energy field for psychic self-defense; The difference between being psychic and being a medium; Techniques to heighten your psychic abilities; How ghosts and spirits are different; How to awaken your powerful inner intuitive oracle; The difference between an intuitive hunch and being psychic; Techniques to connect with spirit guides and your higher self.