awaken memories

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Sometimes Natasha noticed embarrassment and awkwardness on his part in her presence, especially when he wanted to do something to please her, or feared that something they spoke of would awaken memories distressing to her.
The stories, which are made to awaken memories, will be narrated by Dorita Vaskarides and are suitable for children from nine-years-old and adults.
ClickPress, Tue Jul 21 2015] Now in their tenth year, the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest will return to Chicago's northwest suburbs to awaken memories of computing's past.
com that for all readers will awaken memories of Anne's tragic story.
Mitchell's choreography in "Don't Break the Rules" marries the stagy architecture of typical TV numbers to a jazz style that will awaken memories for anyone who remembers the Perry Como show.
The songs are performed with such attention to detail that they awaken memories of having watched the real thing in action.
Live football Sky Sports 1, 4pm THE visit of Manchester United to the KC Stadium will awaken memories of one of the great moments in Hull's history, writes James Milton.
Summary: Notes and sounds appeal to us, whatever the era or culture, they awaken memories and make our heart and spirit vibrate.
On the east coast the tide will be the highest since 1985, and will awaken memories of the great flood on 1953 which claimed more than 300 lives in East Anglia.
DUDLEY Little Theatre starts its 60th season in just under three weeks' time with Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park, which will awaken memories of the film that starred Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.
There is an impressive collection of mining memorabilia that will capture the interests of any collector and awaken memories of a proud period now lost to history.
The timing of the demolition was chosen to cause as little distress as possible, in case the sound of the bulldozer should awaken memories.