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VIRGO AUGUST 24 - SEPTEMBER 23 Shake-it-up planet Uranus, the innovator and awakener, aligns with your annual money Moon, whipping up the desire to do things differently, perhaps bringing awaited wheeling and dealing.
ALSC: Ideology and Reality Clash" in Afrikan Awakener (an organ of the Pan African People's Organization, San Francisco, California), vol.
Treatments include the Signature Milk and Honey treatment, an Arabic Coffee Awakener, and Lemon Mint Body Polish.
Wittreich takes the opposite view: "Samson the liberator, instead of releasing mankind from bondage, unleashes destruction; instead of being an awakener and a redeemer, he is a destroyer and a perverter" (Angel of Apocalypse, 52).
In the astrology of Holst's time, Uranus was "the awakener, who reveals worlds beyond the mundane.
Treatments such as the traditional hamam bathing rituals, Silk Road massage and Arabic coffee awakener, pay homage to the best of Arabic healing rituals.
That in itself has been a significant awakener for him.
Weaver recognizes that Kerouac was the first to open her mind to ideas of the beatniks; in this sense and also in his efforts to promote Buddhism, he became her, and the nation's, awakener.
Weill's cantata captures something of the liminal tension in music: its role as pacifier of existence and awakener of the new, caught between darkness and light, between potential and the fulfillment that eludes it.
Consequently, Thomas Merton remains a great awakener for those who choose to attune themselves to his life and work.
Being an educator and an awakener of feelings is not easy--it's one challenge and adventure after another.
This afternoon--it was still early, not yet five-thirty--as he walked up Escobedo Street to the offices of the morning newspaper: El Despertador del Norte (the Awakener of the North), he moved much more slowly than was usual to his restless long stride.