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The rush of expectant men out of the forecastle, the snatching of hand-spikes, the tramp of feet, the clink of the pawls, make a stirring accompaniment to a plaintive up-anchor song with a roaring chorus; and this burst of noisy activity from a whole ship's crew seems like a voiceful awakening of the ship herself, till then, in the picturesque phrase of Dutch seamen, "lying asleep upon her iron.
It was an abrupt awakening this, and he hated the man who had brought it about.
What it really did mark was the awakening of China.
China's awakening, with her four hundred millions and the scientific advance of the world, was frightfully astounding.
And the awakening of China had given its vast population not merely free and unlimited access to the means of toil, but access to the highest and most scientific machine-means of toil.
She had increased by a hundred millions since her awakening.
Ramadi / NINA/ Three policemen were killed and four of the Awakening were wounded on Saturday in armed attacks in central Ramadi.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Former Iraqi Prime Minister and leader of the country's oldest Shiite party Ibrahim Jafari stressed that the Islamic Awakening which has swept the Middle-East and North Africa since 2011 is still alive.
The Awakening series, developed by Boomzap Entertainment and downloaded over 9 million times on PC, Mac and mobile devices, is one of the most popular hidden object adventure series available on Big Fish Games.
Sparse neural activity there may contribute to a distorted sense of time and loss of self-awareness during dreaming, as well as to the forgetting of dreams upon awakening, the scientists theorize.
Spectrobes fully utilizes aspects of the Nintendo DS, such as its revolutionary touch screen and microphone, through creative gameplay that includes excavating and awakening dormant creatures with the stylus and voice commands.
Kirkuk / NINA / A security source in Kirkuk conformed that what is known as the state of Iraq and the Levant / ISIS / executed four members of the Awakening after being taken from a checkpoints 55 km west of Kirkuk.