award judgment

See: adjudicate
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'The award judgment was handed down by the independent arbitration panel because it represented the loss of profits for P and ID over the 20 years of the project.'
In her award judgment, Judge Matthews said Det Sgt Helyer's actions were "not just ill advised and disproportionate but arbitrary, high-handed, intimidating and oppressive".
Mr Spittal said the award judgment had been provided to the force's professional standards department.
justice system were asked before the damage award judgment, and the same
award judgment. (202) Researchers who have asked mock jurors for
community values to be incorporated into damage award judgments. Jury
characteristics of individual jurors to their damage award judgments
was no statistically significant link to damage award judgments. (131)
"The practical effect is to award judgment on the pleadings in favor of one side - a slam-dunk victory for the plaintiffs - at the expense of the redistricting plan enacted by the Legislature, before key decisions have been made on binding questions of law."
Ms Frisbee's lawyers yesterday challenged the decision of a senior High Court official to award judgment in the case in Ms Campbell's favour without a trial.
The hospital then paid the original $3 million jury award judgment, plus two days of interest.
In her award judgment, Judge Gillian Matthews QC said Sgt Helyer's actions that day "were completely disproportionate".