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The new findings suggest that awe-inspiring sights increase our motivation to make sense of the world around us, and may underlie a trigger of belief in the supernatural.
Mr Cameron said: "I still find it awe-inspiring to think of the state of the nation you inherited and the immense achievements of your governments.
West Wales has provided particularly fertile ground for dolphin, whale and shark watchers, with even the awe-inspiring killer whale and a Porbeagle shark spotted off the coast in recent months.
A modern travel guide immersed in centuries of history, London: City of Majesty is awe-inspiring and packed with bonus features including a museum and gallery guide.
Their bravery - and their sense of social responsibility - in doing their broadcast after everything they had been through was awe-inspiring.
It's absolutely awe-inspiring and that's why the 1982 Villa team is awe-inspiring.
Set in the South during a time when Pullman Porters were awe-inspiring, when men still wore hats and ladies wore slips, when respectability meant everything in the black community, the four stories are transported along the train line.
Antony Byrne is awe-inspiring as Henry, first caught in the grip of the powerful Wolsey (Anthony O'Donnell), then plagued by the steely dignity of Catherine of Aragon (Corinne Jaber), who cannot provide him with a male heir.
Expertly authored for a vivid and intimate detailing of Tapon's travels, Hike Your Own Hike enlightens readers to the exclusively awe-inspiring journey through the Appalachian Mountains in both discovery of land, self, and the lighter side of life.
Geology Of Southeast Alaska is very highly recommended as 140-page compendium of awe-inspiring sights and area maps of Alaska's great geographical underpinnings.
The casual courage Ieva and his men displayed is awe-inspiring.
Banque Misr will be expanding JCB acceptance to Luxor, famed for the Temples of Luxor and Karnak among other awe-inspiring monuments of ancient civilization, and to Aswan, the winter resort with a dry, temperate climate.