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(13) The three main attested uses are (a) as a word referring to concrete 'decorative patterns' on physical objects, (b) as a word referring to rank-indicating embroidered 'emblems' on garments and flags, and (c) as a word meaning 'awe-inspiringly beautiful' used in expressions referring to ancestors and in posthumous titles.
I suggest that the use of wen to refer to rank-marking decorative patterns on emblems gave rise to the use of wen to refer to people of high rank--who would have carried status-indicating emblems (wen) on their robes--as 'awe-inspiringly beautiful' through metaphorical extension.
-Red Square and the Kremlin: Awe-inspiringly beautiful with imposing red brick ramparts and stunning cathedrals.
He died in London, aged only 41, but had been awe-inspiringly prolific, in this country alone painting more than 400 portraits in around seven years.
Not just any kind of loud, though, they are awe-inspiringly loud.
It's awe-inspiringly, heart warmingly common in a nation afraid to use that word.
Made of three giant steel rings and held together by the tension of super-taut membrane, Marsyas is awe-inspiringly beautiful.
It came - like Ronaldo himself - from the streets originally, an arcade game with 64 international teams, plus all-star and legend teams, all of which was awe-inspiringly transferred to the Game Boy.
It's the only explanation I have for the fact that some churches feel awe-inspiringly holy and some houses feel spooky as soon as you enter.
As awe-inspiringly all-American as Mount Rushmore, this gal's a natural beauty who's spent a lot of time and skill making-up her face into male fantasy-inspiring, money-spinning, country and western goddess- ness.
Fingerwork was too perfect to be merely dazzling, intonation was awe-inspiringly accurate, her welroportioned tone combined both sweetness and determination, bowing was simultaneously easy and muscular.