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asked Alleyne, with bated breath, as he stared awe-struck at his precious relics.
Just think, Cecily, you've had a proposal already," said Sara Ray in an awe-struck tone.
My mother sat opposite, an awe-struck but admiring auditor.
Nonsense," he protested, but in an awe-struck tone.
Middleton, awe-struck by what he believed a manifest judgment of Heaven, made no further resistance, but prepared to depart.
That was it," said Lestrade, in an awe-struck voice; and we were all silent for a while.
The family of four was awe-struck as they headed onto the diamond, their feet crunching on the infield dirt.
As Kris Kringle urges his team on, he glances in his side-view mirror to check air traffic, and is awe-struck by the image he sees.
The Scots singer admitted to being a bit awe-struck as she watched out for other artistes at a London recording studio.
He told an awe-struck audience at the O2 Arena: "We're going to go mental
And where Mazzie, Danieley and McDermott can leave an audience awe-struck through song, petite Kim Mikesell as the spurned lass, Maggie, pulls off the same feat with her dancing.
But we can be all but certain that he would have been awe-struck by the number and quality of performing forces available to conductor Sir Roger Norrington.