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He now hopes that his Festival of Awesomeness will raise even more for the cause which is so close to his heart.
Awesomeness Films previously partnered with Netflix for 2017 film "You Get Me" and 2018 film "To All The Boys I've Loved Before." Rosette Adel
But God is always greater than men, that is why I said my emergence is a testimony to the awesomeness of God.
More than 700 Diary of a Brilliant Kid: Top Secret Guide to Awesomeness books have been handed out to Scottish schools.
Says Awesomeness is a cost-effective, high-scripted studio.
A newly formed nonprofit will present its inaugural Expo of Awesomeness on Sunday to match volunteers with several local organizations who need their help.
"When we talk about Ducati, we talk about performance, individuality, freedom and awesomeness -- those are the things we wanted Old Spice to stand for," he added.
While Ranbir continues to hide away from social media, Alia is making sure that his fans don't miss out on his awesomeness.
making a 'little box of awesomeness', writing down your super hero qualities and mindful colouring-in to name just a few, this is a book intended for enjoyment on an individual level although parts could be shared with a group.
Even in this age of smart phones and digital gizmos, you sometimes have to revert to the tools of an earlier era to make laboriously crafted handwritten notes instead of unlimbering some high-tech bit of electronic awesomeness.
Western Star has expanded its 50th anniversary Wings of Awesomeness limited edition graphics package into 2018.
Djs brought extra level of sense-blasting awesomeness to whatever is happening on stage and they elevated the music to a whole other experience that resonates with what people wanted at that moment.